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Sponsored Sport Courses

This is your opportunity to take the sport courses with F.O.C. Look at it and get your faverous information!!

Available Packages

Swimming Course

Choose a free swimming courses after your working.

We are now open a FREE SWIMMING COURSE  to those employees who have the interested in swimming!!

 This is a weekly course.




Swimming Course

value:  Winter Swimming Pool,
            17, Jln 17/2B,
            Tmn Sri Plaza,
(near with company)
Schedule: Sat (5pm~7pm),
                  Sun (11am~1pm),
                  Sun (4pm~6pm)
Technical Director: Gail M.Dummer


For further information, please contact:

Miss Tan (012-2733659)
MR. Liang (016-3567798)

For more information call: (800) 555-1212