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SPM Project: Case 1-Part 2 & 3


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Team Member

This is the page where we'll describe ourself.

I might talk about how old we are, who are we, etc

We might also include some information about our personal history:  where we went to school, how to contact us. This kind of information will help you to contact us while meet the problem in viewing this intranet.

Backpacker taking a drink; Size=180 pixels wide
Taking a break from work

What the sponsor course?

To enhance our staff's healthy, our company have already sponsor several sport course for the staff includes swimming course, bowling and so on. All of them are free!!!

Know about us

  • Heng Hai Ling (03UAB00296)
  • Lian Men Jing (04UAB00327)
  • Lim Ket Mei (03UAB03337)
  • Tan Chee Pian @ Jaen (03UAB00233)
  • Wong Siew Theng (03UAB00293)

We are all student in Utar (University Tunku Abdul Rahman). We are Y2S1 students. Our study course is Falculty of Business Information Systems.