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SPM Project: Case 1-Part 2 & 3
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Manage Your Health, Inc. is recently updated its strategic plan, with the goals to reducing internal costs, increasing cross-selling of products, exploiting new Web-based technologies to improve the development and delivery of health care products and services. With these, the information technology department has developed some ideas for supporting these goals, which are Recreation and Wellness Intranet Project, Health Coverage Costs Business Model, Cross-Selling System and Web-Enhanced Communication System.


Each of these projects has their purposes that support the company business strategies, together with the benefits provide, which are attach in the table-summary of project.


The Recreation and Wellness Intranet Project provides application through intranet, where employee could improve their health by registered the company-sponsored program via current internet. This project helps company reduce the premium costs, increase employees health as well as saving about $30/employee/year for full-time employees over the next four years.



Health Care Coverage Costs Business Model helps to keep track of employees health care expenses and company health care costs. This may easy the managers and analysts, where they could access to the current intranet and download selective data for further analysis. It should be import data from current systems that track employee expenses submitted to the company, and the companys costs to the insurance provider. The project may cost about $100,000 to develop.


Cross-Selling System is an application that improves the company cross-selling to the current customers. The company will increase sales to current customers by providing them discount every time they purchase multiple products or services. The project may cost about $800,000 each year for development and maintenance.


Lastly, the Web-Enhanced Communication System is a Web-based application that improves the company development and delivery of products and services. The project will take one year and $3 million to develop and required 20 percent of development costs each year to maintain.

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What's New?

Our company have supported a lot of the sport class for all the staff in our company such as swimming course, and so on. For further information, please go to the "contact us" and submit your doubt.

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